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PRISM is a South Dakota based team that is dedicated to helping individuals and families who have endured infestation and oppression in their homes and lives due to the influence of evil spirits.



"We shed Light upon the darkness."

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PRISM is dedicated to its profession of the Christian faith in both thought and practice above all else.  We are first and foremost Christians and we see the spiritual world through the lens of the Holy Scriptures. As a result of this faith in the scriptures, we are reminded that mankind is caught within the war between the Author of Creation and the spiritual wickedness which resides in the darkness. The dark ones seek to "steal, kill, and destroy" as well as "devour" anyone that may be unfortunate enough to cross paths with them.


We believe humanity is attacked by the forces of darkness because it is beloved of the Father in heaven and this is the only way in which the enemy may hurt our loving Father. Since the enemy is incapable of a direct assault, the enemy seeks to harm those whom the Father loves.


Archbishop James Cloud has been called from an early age to this office of ministry and he has the gift of discernment which he uses to address the particulars of a case. PRISM is an extension of this ministry and we seek to partner with the bishop in our own private callings to "fight the good fight" and protect those who wish us to investigate and intervene.


We use state of the art equipment as well as both quantitative and qualitative evidence as data to present to the archbishop after the initial investigation. If the data reflects the reality of a presence within the home of the client then the archbishop will schedule a formal house cleansing/exorcism.


We will NEVER use Ouija, tarot, shamanism, crystals, Wicca, or any other occultist practice to address the challenges which the family is facing. These are just some of the many ways in which the enemy gains a foothold in a person's life and then expands its domain into their relationships, finances, and spiritual life.





EVP from a recent house cleansing caught on video
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